Fred’s Funeral

Fred's Funeral CoverFred Sadler has just died of old age. It’s 1986, seventy years after he marched off to WWI, and the ghost of Fred Sadler hovers near the ceiling of the nursing home. To Fred’s dismay, the arrangement of his funeral falls to his prudish sister-in-law, Viola. As she dominates the remembrance of Fred, he agonizes over his inability to set the record straight.

Was old Uncle Fred really suffering from shell shock? Why was he locked up most of his life in the Whitby Hospital for the Insane? Could his family not have done more for him?

Fred’s memories of his life as a child, his family’s hotel, the War, and the mental hospital, clash with Viola’s version of events as the family gathers on a rainy October night to pay their respects.

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A captivating read for a winter weekend

For fans of literary fiction, a short novel with supernatural elements. Based on a true story of one man’s wrecked life.

History buffs will be fascinated by the story of a WWI soldier and his life in Southern Ontario, 1896 to 1986.

A tale of family conflict, rivalries, secrets, and repression.

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About the author:

Sandy Day is the author of Chatterbox, PoemsShe graduated from Glendon College, York University, with a degree in English Literature sometime in the last century. Like Fred, Sandy spends her summers in Jackson’s Point, Ontario on the shore of Lake Simcoe. She winters nearby in Sutton by the Black River. Sandy is a trained facilitator for the Toronto Writers Collective’s creative writing workshops. She is a developmental editor and book coach.


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